Global kinetics database

Global Kinetics Database

Our kinetics database contains activation energy distributions and single frequency factors for currently 290 samples worldwide. Use parameters you can rely on, linked to organofacies, for modelling source rock behaviour in conventional petroleum systems and the generation behaviour of tight lithologies in unconventional resource plays.

The data are collated from internal research reports and public literature which we know to be of the highest quality and made them available in the form of a global database (MS Excel format).

Browse the database for country, age, or formation of your source rock in need. 

Your advantage: excellent data quality!

Tip - The literature is awash with kinetic parameters of bulk petroleum generation for marine and non-marine source rocks. The utility and reliability of these parameters is almost impossible to assess because the basic data used in their calculation is not presented. Sample quality variability and the inappropriate use of high heating rates for data collection are two areas of concern. 

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Companies may trade in proprietary kinetics data – contact us for more information.