October 7, 2018

Improve your Sichuan Basin shale gas predictions using analogues

Silurian shales, and most notably those of the Longmaxi Formation, are the prime target for shale gas exploration in the Sichuan Basin. They are highly overmature.

To reconstruct the timing of oil and gas generation in these shales, as well as documenting changing GOR and physical properties of petroleum during maturation, less mature comparable analogues from other regions must be used.

Here we offer compositional kinetics data, Late Gas Potential data AND sample material for Silurian shales of the Middle East, North Africa and Lithuania for purchase. See details of this data package.

The GEOS4 ShalePayFinder Sichuan Silurian package provides predictive modelling parameters and more for 19 Silurian analogues from MENA and Lithuania:

  • 8 of these are representatives of key immature to early mature shales,
    • PhaseKinetic parameters for predicting timing and composition,
    • 2- and 4-component gas/oil ratio prediction in time and space,
    • 14-component physical property/PVT prediction in time and space,
    • Geofiles supplied for direct import into Petromod
  • 11 of these are representatives of late maturity stages
    • Assessment of Late Gas Potential
    • Generalised Late Gas kinetic parameters supplied 

Email us for further information about this data package, about the advantages of our PhaseKinetics approach and on pricing.