GEOS4’s exclusive PhaseKinetics compositional kinetics approach quantifies the gas and oil expelled from source kitchens (GOR, CGR), as well as their phase state (1- or 2-phase), under varying P-T conditions along carrier systems.

Predicting gas-oil ratio and charge volumes (gas and/or oil) ahead of drilling is a key element of exploration strategy. Estimating the composition of the liquid phase is also critical because sulphur contents, wax contents and TAN all directly affect viscosity, recovery and value.


Tailor-made compositional kinetic models

Source rocks, stains and seeps provided by the customer are analysed in 4 sequential stages to build tailor-made compositional kinetic models:

1. Definition of Petroleum Type Organofacies
    ⇒ Link between production type and kerogen structure building blocks

2. Definition of Thermal Response
    ⇒ Generation intensity and breadth in time-temperature space

3. Integration of Compositional Evolution into Thermal Response
    ⇒ Stepwise petroleum charge compositional evolution

4. Tuning of Compositional Evolution to PVT Format
    ⇒ Gases and fluids compatible with equations of state

If no samples are available, for example in a frontier exploration area, the petroleum type, thermal response, evolving composition and tuned parameters for the nearest petroleum type organofacies are selected. We can help with this choice.

No Black Boxes -> read “From petroleum-type organofacies to hydrocarbon phase prediction” for the theory and assumptions behind this proven technology (di Primio and Horsfield, AAPG Bulletin, 2006).

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