GOR and phase prediction

GOR and phase prediction

The problem

Predicting gas‐oil ratio and charge volumes (gas and/or oil) ahead of drilling is a key element of exploration strategy. In conventional petroleum systems, estimating the composition of the liquid phase is critical because sulphur contents, wax contents and TAN all directly affect viscosity, recovery and price per barrel. In unconventional petroleum systems, the lateral occurrence of the liquid-to-gas cut-off must be known precisely, meaning that the form of the PT phase envelope for a given shale must be known as a function of maturity. In particular the transition from volatile oil, to condensate to wet gas is crucial. 

The solution

For prediction of bulk petroleum composition and physical state (GOR, number of phases, Psat, API gravity) we use a combination of MSSV-pyrolysis and PVT modelling in the PhaseKinetics (thermally immature samples) and PhaseSnapShot approaches (thermally matured samples).

Full geochemical screening is offered in order to select key areas and key samples for regional or prospect scale evaluations.

The deliverables

For conventional settings, we provide purpose‐built compositional kinetic models that are ready for direct import into Petromod®. For unconventional settings, our model predicts in-situ fluid characteristics at a given location, and is therefore instrumental in the selection of acreage at the appraisal stage of new plays, or helping to optimise production strategy later on during testing.