Production allocation using polars

Production allocation using polars

The problem

Individual units in heterogeneous sediment packages yield fluids with different compositions and at different rates during production because of inherent organofacies differences (richness, quality, thermal stability) and the superimposed effects of maturity and retention capacity. Production allocation is key for optimising the landing of fracks in the most producible zones of multiple-stacked shale reservoirs and optimising field development.

The solution

We rapidly allocate produced oil volumes to individual reservoirs using a chemostatistical approach  based on the full NSO-compounds inventory of fluids detected by ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry (FT-ICR MS). Fractionated and mixed oils can be chemostatically unmixed and quantitatively assigned to the bitumen extracts of individual known and unknown shale end-members. 

The deliverables

We rapidly provide robust numbers concering the contribution of individual shale units to the produced fluid.

Full geochemical screening is offered in order to select key areas and key samples for regional or prospect scale evaluations.