Production efficiency and phase assessment

Production efficiency and phase assessment

The problem

Predicting gas‐oil ratio and charge volumes (gas and/or oil) ahead of drilling in unconventional settings is a challenge because the produced fluids are highly fractionated with respect to the dispersed in-situ fluids. Whereas in-situ fluids consist of hydrocarbons, resins, and asphaltenes in proportions governed by organic matter type, maturity, and retention behaviour, the produced fluids are highly enriched in hydrocarbons and low polarity non-hydrocarbons, and show an enhanced GOR.

The solution

We assess production efficiency and the extent of fractionation during production using the PhaseSnapShots approach, a combination of MSSV-pyrolysis and PVT modelling, and tune results to GOR and PVT data from engineering reports on produced fluids.

Full geochemical screening is offered in order to select key areas and key samples for regional or prospect scale evaluations.

The deliverables

We provide the numbers on production efficiency and fractionation and develop predictive protocols .